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Valley’s Edge preserves the Chico lifestyle

Whether you’re new to Chico, lived here a long time, or are a born and raised local, you understand the “Chico vibe.” It’s a feeling, a way of life, a sense of place. 

We believe in keeping Chico, Chico.

Valley’s Edge is designed to cultivate connections—both to the land and each other. Intentionally designed neighborhoods woven together with open space and connected trailways lead to the following:

  • A strong sense of community
  • Choice in housing to encourage generations to live closer together
  • Neighborhoods where families come together over backyard BBQs
  • Short drives and bike-friendly routes
  • Access to open space where everyone can enjoy it


That’s the Chico we’d like to see continue.

Sustainable building and design is a top priority

The Valley’s Edge Specific Plan outlines how it will meet (and exceed) the City of Chico’s sustainability vision (via the General Plan).  The opposition claims Valley’s Edge will create greenhouse gas emissions. That’s true. All construction does. However, Valley’s Edge will be built over the next 20-30 years. Their claims of massive greenhouse emissions all at once aren’t true. And, guess what? Their high-rise apartments create greenhouse gasses during construction, too. Don’t buy into their exaggerations.

By denying your ability to afford a home in Chico, the nay-sayers are creating more greenhouse gas emissions by forcing locals like yourself to have longer commutes to work, to drive further to take your kids to school, to visit family, and to shop. 

Forcing locals to live longer distances from their life hub makes public transportation even less realistic, increases traffic congestion, and greatly inhibits your ability (or your child’s) to safely ride bikes to school, work, or the store.  Their logic is flawed, pure and simple.

Valley’s Edge is the definition of smart growth

In January 2023, the Valley’s Edge Specific Plan was approved with public support.

It’s an award-winning comprehensive plan that exceeds the City of Chico’s 2030 General Plan designed by locals like you.

The people of Chico deemed the area of Valley’s Edge a designated area for housing years ago.  Once again, the opposition feeds the fire of untruths by claiming housing doesn’t belong there. Chico locals planned for the future and that future is now.

Housing should go where food doesn’t grow. Valley’s Edge protects vital agricultural land from development and adheres to sustainable, smart growth as defined by Smartgrowthamerica.org.  There are 10 principles of smart growth, all of which Valley’s Edge meets, but of course, the opposition who claims to be focused on smart growth, flat out ignores the fact that Valley’s Edge meets them:

Valley’s Edge has a healthy mix of housing choices, commercial, open space, a future school site, plus community + regional parks.

Building around natural resources such as heritage oak trees and rock walls, the plan calls for distinct design and styles to leverage space in the most effective way possible.

Valley’s Edge offers a home for every budget from cottages, apartments, subsidized housing, single-family homes, senior housing, and a few ranchettes.

Valley’s Edge is a community surrounded by a park.  Over 26 miles of trails and bikeways weave throughout the community creating a walkable community.

Community parks, common areas to mix and mingle, a village core – all attributes to create a sense of place.

Over half of Valley’s Edge’s total land is dedicated to community parks, a public regional park, and undeveloped open space. 5,000+ heritage oaks are to be preserved, historical rock walls and wagon ruts will be protected, and the comprehensive Environmental Impact Report shows no endangered species are threatened.

Built in the southeast quadrant of Chico, Valley’s Edge has direct (and close) access to major employment and shopping hubs, making for short commutes whether via vehicle, bike, public transit, or walking.

Electric vehicles within the development (it’s all electric!), proximity to public transit, bike trails, and walking paths. Getting around is easy.

Valley’s Edge has been a part of the City of Chico’s 2030 General Plan since 2011 – it’s where Chico has planned to grow.  The Plan, created with input from the City and its residents, provides a comprehensive and long-range framework for the growth and preservation of Chico.  Valley’s Edge is the blueprint for how Smart Growth should be done.

Over 15 years and hundreds of tours, group meetings, and conversations have gone into the development of Valley’s Edge.  It’s been a collaborative, two-way discussion every step of the way.

Valley’s Edge protects heritage oak trees and open space.

Valley’s Edge includes the largest gift of public parkland to the public in over 100 years—over 400 acres of parks, trails, and open space—open to everyone to enjoy.

Bird watching? YES!
Exploration of oak woodlands and rocky terrain? YES!
Mountain Biking, horseback riding, and hiking? OH YES!
Playgrounds for the kiddos? YOU BET!
Fitness areas for an outdoor change of pace? YEP!
Walking and running trails? 25+ MILES!

Whether or not you live in Valley’s Edge, this open space is for all to enjoy. It’s a big part of what makes Chico, Chico!

Valley’s Edge creates a future for affordable housing of all types in Chico for the next several decades.

Yet a small group of anti-growth elitists believe only their version of affordable, smart-growth housing is what everyone wants. How unfair is that?

Affordability is a tricky word. What’s affordable to someone just getting started in life differs from someone who has been in the workforce for years. Renters or homeowners—it doesn’t matter. Affordable is relative to one’s current economic position. The way the opposition lumps everyone into one category is not only wrong for those who want to change the type of house they live in—it’s tragic.

Valley's Edge will pay $1M Yearly to City of Chico

Not only will Measure P & Valley’s Edge bring more affordable homes to Chico, Measure P will generate over a million dollars a year in revenue for the City of Chico.

Economic Benefit Analysis prepared for the City of Chico (by DFA July 2022) Measure P is anticipated to produce $18 million in taxable sales annually, generating more than $1 million in total sales tax annually. These sales tax dollars will support various government entities from the State level to local transportation.

Locals are forced to buy outside of Chico away from family and friends.

Right now, young families and individuals looking to buy their first homes are being priced out of the market. Multiple offers compete for a single home, resulting in a selling price often tens of thousands of dollars over the asking price.

Retail workers, nurses, veterinarians/vet techs, teachers, firefighters, construction workers, and police officers—all professions we desperately need more of in our community—struggle to find a place to call home in Chico. It’s happening across all levels of housing from those in entry-level positions to more experienced professionals.

The only way to control these exorbitant costs is to add more single-family homes, cottages, senior, and workforce housing.

When more housing options are added to the market, there is greater availability of all kinds of housing, and people can choose what kind of home they want—they won’t be stuck with whatever is left at a super high price.

We believe everyone should have a choice in the type of housing that fits their lifestyle. And we’d bet a finger-wagging elitist you agree.

Yet, the opposition—led by people who don’t even live in Chico—is trying to control how you live.

You read that right. Several leaders in the opposition to Valley’s Edge live outside city limits. They own large homes in high-fire-risk canyons with lots of space between neighbors. They have plenty of room for their kids and grandkids to play. They have their space, but you can’t have yours. You’ll be forced to live in a high-rise if they have their way. As outsiders, they are trying to control what kind of home you live in by telling you how to vote. It’s hypocritical and downright elitist.

What will happen if Valley’s Edge is not built?

Traditionally affordable neighborhoods such as Chapmantown will likely battle gentrification. Similar to what has happened across the country, those with more money will drive home prices up and build out larger homes, displacing current residents and threatening the charm of these neighborhoods.    

Keeping a healthy mix of housing to keep housing prices in line keeps gentrification at bay. 

And if Valley’s Edge doesn’t defeat this referendum? Somebody else is going to get this land. The landowner’s plan B?  It will be divided into large lots and will likely be built out with big homes.  It’s a loss to the public and the environment. And, the people who claim to care about Chico the most, will be to blame.

  • The 400+ acre regional park open to the public?   Gone
  • Community parks, bike trails, and safe areas for kids to play?  Gone
  • Preservation of heritage oak trees and rock walls? Not guaranteed.
  • Fire-safe practices that keep not only Valley’s Edge but the canyon below safer from wildfires?  Nope

Valley’s Edge is GOOD for Chico.
Vote YES to protect housing choice for all. Do it for you. Do it for your children and generations of Chico locals.

Below are the list of Chicoans who support Valley's Edge. Want to see your name listed? Fill out the "Join the Team" form below! (Partial List)

Barbara Addington
Sloan Collier
Patsy Stile
Nichole Nava
Elaine Irwin
Christina Clerici
Michele Cooper
Will Cooper
Loretta Ann Torres
Lidnel Valley
Cap Porterfield
Alan White
Daniel Alexander
Joe Nickels
Ben Eckstom
Bernadette Esguerra
Mark Stuenkel
Mark Francis
Andy Amaro
Federico Martinez Jr.
Gary Taylor
Tamara Lambert
Tara Taylor
Kristin Rose
Randy Baylor
Tim Beals
Ryan Bechold
Tyler Gullick
Matt Banks
Josh Shelton
Shawn McNeil
Lauren McSwain
Keith Doglio
Chris Kobz
Brad Forsythe
Phil Strawn
Denise Price
Tami Barlow
Heidi Gomez
Dee Odell
Carrie Tatreau
Chuck Tatreau
Johnathan Reilly
Lisa Williams
Derek Nichols
Bill Webb
Paul Peck
Jim Beltramo
Mike Nelson
Matt Reilly
Carrie Krueger
Amy Rohrer
Rene Villegas
Jeff Farrar
Bud Tracy
Mike Visinoni
Philip Tuma
Dino Visinoni
Jake Morley
Jennifer Slinkard
Keith Basham
Brian Mitchell
Tom Kaye
Pat Conroy
Tom Hall
Jason Corona
Bob Linscheid
Bob Evans
Brian Littrell
Don Swartz
Don Swartz
James Dougherty
Tanya Quackenbush
Brad Elgin
Matt Gallaway
Tim VanderHeiden
Kevin Kramer
Frank Marinello
Carol Smith
Tyler Schrock
Randall Waring
Jeramie Sabelman
Bruce Roe
Dave Donnan
Jovanni Tricerri
Bob Linscheid
Jim Brake
Steve Depa
Steve Fuhrman
Carl Henker
Brandon Slater
Kathy Carpenter
Bob Kromer
Al Renville
Clark Gardner
Candace Andel
James Stevens
Elisa Logan
Mike Paris
Chris Coen
Heidi Musick
Chip Arenchild
Sean Dugan
Erica Thau
Dino Visinoni
Tony Manos
Dave Jones
Chris Giampaoli
Tony Manos
Kevin Soukup
Austin Barron
Jerry Mohr
Gary Fowler
Jennifer Slinkard
Danielle Lindsay
Tadd Brothers
Paul Staalesen
Sandy Karatekeli
Dave Nelson
Bradley Geise
Tina Thomas
Amy Campbell
Forrest Wells
Charles Dugan
Craig Alger
Brian Harrison
Kory Hamman
Pinky Thakkar
Todd Berryhill
Blair Wheatley
Mary Anderson
Mark Pierce
Vieg Brendan
Rod Winkle
Bill Chance
Larry Knifong
Jim Faulbaum
Brent McCarthy
Bud Tracy
Mark Hendry
Matt Genovese
Gail Giralico
Mark West
Tony Frayji
Kevin Sevier
Lori Bluett
Eric Christensen
Mark Habib
Casey Hatcher
Marisa Bauer
Patti Russell
Paul Kronser
Margaux Cannon
David Dailey

Michael Evans

Tom Kaye

Robert Sanders

Anthony Gutierrez

Myriam Mora

Andres Lopez Garcia

Bud Paige

Mike Trolinder

Marlena Cole

(Partial list)

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"...with the Fire Department's input, the range of programs and practices outlined in the Valley's Edge Specific Plan are designed to protect people, property, and the area's natural resources..."

“The Chico Police Department acknowledges that the design guidelines of the Valley's Edge Specific Plan align with CPTED. CPTED plays an important role in deterring crime and is integral in the planning of a safe, vibrant community.”

"The Valley's Edge Specific Plan is proposing a future school site that meets the educational needs of the Chico community. The conceptual layout of the proposed school site and abutting circulation network has been designed to promote safe transportation to and from school with efficient turning lanes, drop-off and pick-up traffic patterns. The proposed trailway system will promote walking, biking and riding, public transit and/or carpooling to and from the school site, and throughout the residential and commercial villages of the overall planning area."

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